Why My Husband Drives My Car More Than His

When you have a family, it becomes only natural to try and save money. Perhaps you are saving for a rainy day or you want to be able to enjoy a big family vacation. Or perhaps, you simply want to live a more frugal lifestyle, able to have a nice savings account to use how you wish. For my family, we have learned how to save money in a variety of ways, including using one vehicle.

We have two cars in my family, but my husband likes to drive my vehicle more than he does his own. I secretly think he likes my car better, though he would never admit it! We use only one vehicle for the majority of each week for several reasons. First, we spend less money on gas when using only one vehicle. Because we use my husband’s vehicle less, we only need to fill the gas tank around once a month. If we used both vehicles throughout the week, we would be spending much more on gas. With just one car running, we have only one charge for gas each week or so.

Spending Time Together
When we use just one car, we consider this time we can spend together. We listen to music and talk about each other’s day. My husband can take me to work and help with the kiddo’s practices or events and we use this time to get to know one another and just talk. You would be surprised as to just how much you can talk about during a car ride. After school, the kids are basically fighting for our attention, just so they can tell us about their day!

Less Mileage Usage
Because we are only using one car the majority of the time, we are using less miles on our other vehicle. This will help with resale value or just simply help the vehicle last longer for our family. We are not necessarily putting more miles on my car as work and school are within a short distance of each other. We just use one vehicle to do so instead of two.
If you can make it work with just one vehicle in use, try it!


You may find that you like the closeness of riding together and the savings you can enjoy by using just one vehicle. Don’t go crazy and sell your other car just yet, but give using one car a try to see if you like it.