Why Housewives Are No Longer the Standard

Gone are the days when a housewife was simply a women who cooked and cleaned. Today the term housewife is not really used anymore. Every woman is whoever they wish to be. Some women call themselves stay at home moms while others are just moms who spend time at home. There is no need to label what we are, but simply understand that we choose to stay home with our children and raise them to the best of our ability.

In the Past
In the past, moms were chastised for not staying at home and working and now it seems the tables have turned. Women constantly are at each other’s throats, giving an opinion as to why one needs to work or why someone needs to stay home. It should generally be a personal decision made by the family and not something that someone else has a say in.

In the Present
When my husband and I decided to have children, we talked about what we were going to do. Would I stay home with the kids or would I continue to work? We found it beneficial for our family for me to stay home but I do work on the side online. I have been able to take care of my children but also bring in a little income.

What Really Happens at Home
It’s funny, because ever since I decided that I would be staying home, people just assume I have all this time on my hands. If a woman works a 9 to 5 job, they instantly have the right to be tired and run down. If a woman stays at home to care for her children, then she has it easy. She probably watches television all day and eats junk food. This is simply not the case. Being a mom is a 24/7 job that requires a great deal of patience and time. We never get a break because we are constantly helping the children, cleaning the house, etc. Our work is never done.


As women, we need to support each other. There is no longer a standard for what a ‘housewife’ should be. We should simply be great moms who love our children. Whether you choose to stay at home or go to work, be confident in your decision. Every family is different and what works for one might not work for you. Consider your options so that you can make the right decision for your family as best you see fit.