Prepping Our Home For The Summer

When you are a mom, you have to be ready for anything. Many moms, like myself, like to be organized and ready for what lies ahead. I love to plan and before every season, me and the kids work hard to prepare our home properly. For the summer months, this involves several steps including cleaning and stocking up on summer fun items. Continue reading below to learn just how we prep for hot weather.

Out with the Winter Items
When spring arrives, we know that summer is just around the corner. I like to take this time to put up winter items. Any toys that would be played with in the winter months such as snow items like a sled or skis, are put up in the storage building of our home. We also take this time to put up winter clothing. I use the air tight vacuum bags to seal away winter gloves, coats, hats and clothing until next year. These bags are easy to use and can be stored in a closet or under a bed until winter arrives once again. The kids and I then have more room in our closet for summer items, making it easy to find clothing for the day.

Stock Up On Summer Fun
Because the kids will be out of school during the summer months and have hours to spend at home, I have to find ways to keep them occupied. During the spring into the summer, I go shopping at least once a week, keeping an eye out for items that could be used for summer fun. This could be water balloons, water guns, chalk or paint. Think of what your kids like to do and stock up a little each week. Spending two or three dollars here and there is not going to be missed and you will have a good stockpile of items that your kids can use to have fun during the summer months.

Keep Track of Ideas
I love Pinterest. It is a great site to find ideas on anything. I like to create a new summer board on Pinterest each spring. I will pin recipes, games, fun ideas and craft projects that I think the kids will like. I can then go back to the summer board when I need ideas on what the kids and I can do during the summer months.

Be creative and enjoy the time you have with the kiddos. School will be back in session in no time and you want to have spent your time together in the best way possible.