My Nightmare Of Being A Housewife

When one thinks of a housewife, they usually think of a woman in pajamas, sitting around watching television and eating. This is hardly what it is like to be a stay at home mom, but it is the generalization that everyone sees. As a mom and housewife, I have this recurring nightmare that I will become this generalization and stop caring about how I look, gain weight, etc. I wanted to stay home with my children so I could watch them grow, take care of our home and be there for my family when they needed me. I do not want to become a lazy person who doesn’t clean, cook or enjoy time with my family.

In the Past
In the past, when I first became a housewife, I began to slack off in many ways. I would tell myself the dishes could wait and laundry can be washed later, only to find that everything quickly began to pile up. I would find myself rushing around the house in the evening hours to have the house cleaned before my husband came home. While he doesn’t get on me at all for a dirty house, I want the home to be clean and inviting after he comes home from work.

A Lot of Hard Work
I know that being a stay at home mom is not a glamorous job but it is one that is a lot of hard work. I have to care for my children, keep them busy and occupied as well as clean house. I never get a break as I am constantly working. For my husband, he works away from home and then returns to just watch TV. He does help out around the house but I am still the go-to person when it comes to my kids. I constantly hear ‘Mom’ or ‘Mommy!!!!’, the kids always need my help.

Because I am always ‘on call’, I can wear down easy. I begin to feel tired and cranky. Over time, I began to realize that I needed a routine. I was not wearing makeup, fixing my hair or even taking off my pajamas. I needed some kind of life check so to speak. I began to get up, clean house and play with the kiddos. Once breakfast was over I quit not getting dressed. We all change clothes together and then I put a little makeup on and fix my hair.

Leave the House
I found leaving the house helped me to feel less trapped and frumpy. I get the kiddos ready and after getting myself ready, we go out. It might be for a simple walk around the block or going to the mall for shopping. At least once a week or more, we head outside to do some type of activity. This helps me to feel involved in the real world and not so trapped at home.

It is very easy for a housewife to feel trapped at home. You stay at home so much you begin to feel that is your only option. If you do not have friends who are fellow stay at home moms, you may feel secluded. Make new friends so you do not get stuck in a rut of the housewife life. Find people who have children who are the same age as your own and spend time together.

Overall, it is important not to lose yourself. Continue taking time for yourself even if it is just a hot bath. You should do the activities you enjoy and make an effort to fix yourself up. You are not doing it for anyone but yourself. You will feel better once you see how great you look and remind yourself that you are a women and are not defined by the title of housewife.