Is Vlogging Effective Source Of Marketing?

In our current digital era, video marketing has risen as the most absorbed form of digital content. The public views vloggers as a source of relatable information, referring to peer reviews before purchasing items and content. But how does this social media video advertisement hold up to traditional forms of marketing?

Attention of the Public Eye

While often less known than celebrities, vloggers can still have access and influence to millions of subscribers on a variety of social media platforms. The most prominent video blogging or “vlogging” platform is YouTube. It is also one of the most viewed websites on the internet. Vloggers gain internet popularity through their interactions and entertainment value to the audience. Even in a smaller city like Oakland, CA video production team can have a large impact on social media audiences.

Not Valued For Promotion

While vloggers do well in the entertainment aspect of the internet many companies claim that going through vloggers to endorse their product can be a waste of time. Some research companies claim that vlogging is the least effective source of product discovery considering that most vloggers only have small networks of viewers and that the video loses its value over time. Many viewers focus on new content that the vlogger delivers and only a small majority go back to watch older videos.

The Diverse Video Content of the Internet

What a lot of companies don’t yet understand is that video performance isn’t solely about the views it generates. The focus of vloggers is about the audience and the engagement that the vlogger has with the audience. Video game companies have the ability to get free advertisement through Let’s Players, streamers, and video reviewers. Twitch has been a growing platform for video streaming and companies have been endorsing partnered streamers to showcase goods and content.

Engaging the Community

The word “engagement” has been used several times so far, but it’s important to realize how much of an impact this simple task can have with the video’s audience. Viewers are far more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than any other social media related posts. Creating content with vloggers who frequently engage with other parts of the community can even gain you access to other social media sites than just your originally intended content.

Finding the Right Target Audience

YouTube allows you to view what types of insights a vlogger has on their video. These insights express the reach, demographic, views, and likes on any particular set of content. An established vlogger may be dug into a particular niche that won’t do well for your product. It’s important to figure out which types of vloggers will work well for you.


Choosing vlogging as a source of marketing has to be a well thought out and continuous process. With the rapid growth of digital media, creating a large impact through social media can be highly valuable for your company. It’s up to you to determine if vlogging is the right platform to get your content across the internet.