Five Things to Happen to Your Kids While in School

As a parent, the guidance that you give your child will always play an important role in helping them succeed in school. From health to academic performance, knowing what type of things to expect will put you in a better position to help them. Here are five things you can expect to happen to your kids during school this year.


  1. The teacher – Whether for good or bad, your child is bound to make an impression on their teacher. As a parent, it’s up to you to help that impression be a productive one for both your child and the teacher. Attending back-to-school night and other conferences are one way to do this. When it comes to involvement, moderation is key. Help deliver the constructive feedback to your child that the teacher wants to achieve.
  2. Hunger – Children get hungry, and hunger can interfere with their learning. Send them to school full of nutritious food so that their mind is alert and ready to focus on the lessons. Generally speaking, the children who eat more breakfast behave better and retain more information. It is also commonly found that childriend don’t like the lunches served at the school. Ask them about whether they are eating lunch and consider packing them some extra sandwiches.
  3. Falling asleep – While some kids have too much energy for their own good, others fall victim to hectic schedules, hurting their sleep and their ability to stay awake during the school day. What you or the teacher may consider lack of interest in academics may actually just be the symptoms of fatigue. Leave time at night for your child to unplug from electronics and get to bed.
  4. Discipline –  Don’t be alarmed to get a phone call from the school about your child’s behavior. Few children have absolutely no run-ins with a school’s disciplinary policies. Whether it is dress code, electronics, or language, as a parent it can pay to be aware of the policies. This can help both you and your child avoid problems that interfere with a good education. The kids who succeed tend to have home policies that match the school policies. This will help your child feel safe and at home no matter where they are.
  5. Hygiene – As a parent, you have surely taught your child all they need to know about taking care of themselves. However, some common conditions are unavoidable and have little or no relation to personal hygiene. Head lice for example is one that many children will get during school. However, lice can spread and so as a parent its up to you to do your part in ridding your child of this nuisance, especially since it could spread to you or another one of your own children. After washing and drying a lice-infected child’s clothing, talk to your doctor about administering a pediculicide treatment or you can do what we did. We found a local in home Las Vegas lice removal service. Follow up the treatment with the use of a fine-toothed comb. The entire process can be finished with a couple days.