Breaking the daily grind for mothers. My is Carol, proud loving mother of two. I’m not a creative person, but I was built some wits around my finances and handiness. My husband works a lot as an accountant and so I’ve had to take on some extra rolls at home during the weekdays. He feels guilty for being so busy with work, but the kids and I all understand.


MY husband and I married young and had to figure out how to be adults on our own. We’re happy with how things have turned out and honestly wouldn’t have done it any other way. Over the years I’ve learned how to balance the checkbooks, keep our finances organized, and save money. I’ve also learned how to fix a leaking pipe, fix a creaking door, and mow the lawn. I guess you could say I play mom and dad!


It’s that very thinking that I hope to break though. That moms and dads have their own traditional rolls. It’s the 21st century, everything has changed. I think America is having trouble with keeping up with it own progression, so let’s all do our part to push the standards to better ourselves.